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Oblique Circulation

What if we could imagine a journey through a building, a promenade architecturale, and let the computer arrange this storyline for us?
“The individual will always be in a state of resistance- whether accelerating as going down or slowing down as climbing up, whereas when one walks on a horizontal plane, weight is nil”.
(Architecture Principe, 1966 – Paul Virilio and Claude Parent)

What if we could imagine any storyline for the journey through a building, a promenade architectural, and let the computer implement it for us?
The computer arranges a predefined sequence of rooms in a given volume.
By artificial evolution, the structure is folded over and over to define a promenade architectural through the building. The planes start to interact and to connect; a specific dramaturgy of exploitation is evolved. The result is a three-dimensional enfilade, but not aligned to a fix axis: a continuous space, where categories like walls and floors disappear.

24. March 2012 by admin
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