Digital Fabrication

Woven Column

Woven column at the Architektur013 Exhibition in Zurich Continue reading


It is a city on a sphere, but not necessarily a global city, maybe a city globe: endless – or better – beginningless. (with Kaisersrot)
It is a city on a sphere, but not necessarily a global city, maybe a city globe: endless – or better – beginningless. There is neither periphery nor center. The city’s openness is simultaneously based on its seclusion. Once within one can never leave again. The city has a specific form; its physical presence is obvious. Nevertheless, the city can never be experienced in its totality. There is no outside vantage point from which all of the 80 square meters of city surface can be coherently perceived. Equally due to its curvature, the city can never be represented by an urban plan. Its street layout is almost impossible to be drawn correctly on a plain surface. Therefore, not a plan but a set of deliberately chosen rules originate specific localities and connect the city’s infrastructure to its built mass and distribution of program. Thereby, the sphere’s surface forfeits its former homogeneity, gets ruptured and spatially differentiated. Although already being aware of the impossibility of such attempt, the spectator wants to follow the streets all over the globe. However, the track will be lost, at the latest, when the streets bend over the top or the bottom of the sphere. Despite such partial cognition, the spectator is still convinced that the city’s network is continuous. This belief makes you walk around this object. And yes, not one single dead end street can be found.

Together with KAISERSROT (Matthias Bernhard, Markus Braach, Benjamin Dillenburger, Oliver Fritz, Alex Lehnerer) and Tom Pawlofsky. Continue reading


One mile steeltube pavilion.
Steeltube as material has an enormous capaticity for construction. CNC bending machines have the ability to deform materials in three-dimensions, rather than the popular CNC techniques for architectural design, which use subtractive methods like laser-cutting and milling. The research examines the potential of a digital deforming process of CNC-Bending. During 3 months the Students developed a concept, programmed the software for generating the structure and produced three prototyps shown at an exhitbion. Continue reading

Frosted Ultradetail