Masters elective: High resolution II – Materialization

A shape-grammar based approach to designing to designing high-resolution, immersive environments that transcend functionalism and rationalism, yet are based on explicit rules. Emphasis is placed on materialization processes, and will make use of large-scale, additive manufacturing sand-printing.
With M. Hansmeyer and H. Hua. Continue reading

Postgraduate class: Scenic Drive

A procedural approach to urban design strategies, based on populating an unsettled valley in the heart of the Swiss Alps with an agglomeration of 100.000 people. Students code their concepts, design rules, define relations, compose networks, and generate, simulate, … Continue reading

Masters elective: High Resolution

An initial mesh-refinement and shape-grammar based exploration of sacred environments. Development of Processing-based devices to first analyze and then generate highly defined spatial territories. The output’s spatial complexity will be unachievable – and perhaps even inconceivable – using traditional means. … Continue reading

Postgraduate class: Kinect Sculpture

MAS Modul, Interactive Installation with Kinect-camera (together with ZHDK, Zürich)

Postgraduate class: Helvepolis

A collaborative object-orientated urban design framework is developed bottom-up to generate complex cityscapes. Data abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance are brought to urban design. With M. Hansmeyer and S. Lemmerzahl.

Masters elective: Blind architect

Artificial Evolution in Design. With M. Bernhard

Postgraduate class: Frameworks

Dynamic space truss structures in Processing. With M. Braach.

Bachelor class: Drawing by numbers

Scripting in Rhino, Vectorscript and Processing

Postgraduate class: Big Numbers

Eames and Panton Redux. Rhinoscript-based redesign of famous design furnitures.

Masters elective: City Engine

Shapegrammars for studies in urban-morphology with the “Procedural” software (together with the Chair for Information Architecture)