Materializing Decoding

Yutaro Tomii ‘Digital Grotesque’, Millegraph publishing, Tokyo, 2014

Printing Things – Visions and Essentials

C. Warnier, D. Verbruggen ‘Digital Grotesque’ Exchanges in Canadian phone , Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 2014


34/2014, cover & p. 168-173,Germany Prachtvolle Bauten auf Knopfdruck, Hristio Boytchev

MAS Context

Spring 2014, p. 116-129, United States, We Print Because We Can, Patrick Sykes

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Kunst & Architektur: Städte aus dem Drucker Adrian Lobe, 12/19/2014


The Overarching Objective of Digital Fabrication Research Jane Misum Shim, #562, 9/2014, p.64-72

Architectural Design AD

Architectural Design AD, Future Details of Architecture Mark Garcia, July 2014, cover

AD Architectural Digest

Druck Dir die Welt, wie sie Dir gefällt Michael Moorstedt, June 2014 – AD Essence, p. 22-25

Talk at the Plexus 12: “Overlap”

Bartlett, UCL, 1.5.2014, 6.30pm Royal Ear Hospital, corner of Huntley Street and Capper Street London Buy Amoxypen , WC1E 6JA


Digital Grotesque Special Jeanette Kunsmann, Baunetzwoche 360 April 2014, p. 3-19

Digital Grotesque and Woven Column presented at Fabricate 2014

HIL Building, 16:30, 14.2.2014 Fabricate 2014 putty download , ETH Zurich, 13.02.-15.02.


Breaking the Curve
, Mario Carpo, February 2014, p. 168-173, Cover


Beyond Glass and Steel Alexander Nazaryan, 30/12/2013

Woven Column at Architektur013

Architektur 0.13 Werkschau exhibition, Zurich
Maag Halle, Zurich, 25.10.2013 – 27.10.2013 Continue reading

‘Mesh Grammars – Procedural Articulation of Form’

  Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger, ‘Mesh Grammars – Procedural Articulation of Form’ Stouffs, Rudi, Patrick Janssen, Stanislav Roudavski, and Bige Tunçer( EDS). Open Systems: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia. CAADRIA. Hong Kong, SAR: The Association … Continue reading

Tallinn Architecture Biennale

The Curators’ Exhibition will be held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the former Estonian Communist Party Central Committee HQ) – in the so-called Sprat-Tin Hall that is considered one of the masterpieces of Estonian modernist architecture. It is the first time in history that the … Continue reading

Masterplanning the Adaptive City

Financial Times

Boston Society



Woven Column at Design Miami

Woven Column at Design Miami/ Basel exhibition Messeplatz, Hall 1 South, Basel, 11.6 – 16.6.2013 Commissioned by Swiss Architecture Museum SAM. With Michael Hansmeyer. Links: Design Miami / Basel 2013, Swiss Architecture Museum SAM

Digital Grotesque 1:3 Gold at Materializing exhibition, Tokyo

Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts, 8.6 – 23.6.2013 With Michael Hansmeyer. Curated by Yusuke Oono and Taichi Sunayama

Digital Grotesque 1:3 White at Swiss Art Award 2013 exhibition

Messeplatz, Hall 4, Basel, 11.6 – 16.6.2013 Preview and opening on 10.6, 18:00. With Michael Hansmeyer. Swiss Art Award 2013 Buy Benzamycin , Swiss Art Awards exhibition images

Architectural Synthesis. The Revolution of Resolution

The Visual Language of Technique between Science and Art, Heritage and Expectations in Research and Teaching Symposium at Politecnico di Milano, Departement Architettura e Studi Urbani, Luigi Cocchiarella

Numerical Material

Lecture  on invitation of Christoph Schindler in the context of the course “Three Dimensional Design” at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.  

Show & tell

Chair of Information Architecture, ETH Zurich

Tt?f The Why Factory Guestcritic

The Transformer:-Life in the real-time adaptive Buy Azimycin , constantly changing city. Design find coinstar Coinstar Money Transfer in Ragama, Sri lanka Studio Fall 2012, The Why Factory Winy Maas, Ulf Hackauf, Adrien Ravon, Stefan Wülser ONA talks. A summary … Continue reading

Super Specific

Vorlesungsreise in China, mit Michael Hansmeyer, CAAD. Tamshui University Beijing, Dongji University Shanghai und drei weitere Universitäten

Procedural Architecture

Cupola, Procedural Architecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Kurator Keisuke Toyoda (together with Michael Hansmeyer)

Erinnern als Neu- Erschaffung, (Re)Programmierung von Stadt

Joaquín Medina Warmburg, C.L., Strukturelle Architektur: Zur Aktualität eines Denkens zwischen Technik und Ästhetik Architekturen, ed. C.L. Joaquín Medina Warmburg 2012, Bielefeld: Transcript. 208., Erinnern als Neu- Erschaffung, (Re)Programmierung von Stadt, Beitrag mit Matthias Castorph


International Symposum for Algorithmic Design for Architecture and Urban Design, Algode, 2011, Tokyo

16.000 Plans

Jahressaustellung 2011 ETH Architektur Department

Rulebased Design

Politecnico di Milano

Der Architektur Automat

Valena,T., Structuralism reloaded. Rule-based design in architecture and urbanism, 2011, Stuttgart: Edition Axel Menges. 391 S., Der Architektur Automat, Beitrag mit Steffen Lemmerzahl

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