Woven Column at Architektur013

Architektur 0.13 Werkschau exhibition, Zurich
Maag Halle, Zurich, 25.10.2013 – 27.10.2013 Continue reading

Tallinn Architecture Biennale

The Curators’ Exhibition will be held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the former Estonian Communist Party Central Committee HQ) – in the so-called Sprat-Tin Hall that is considered one of the masterpieces of Estonian modernist architecture. It is the first time in history that the … Continue reading

Woven Column at Design Miami

Woven Column at Design Miami/ Basel exhibition Messeplatz, Hall 1 South, Basel, 11.6 – 16.6.2013 Commissioned by Swiss Architecture Museum SAM. With Michael Hansmeyer. Links: Design Miami / Basel 2013, Swiss Architecture Museum SAM

Digital Grotesque 1:3 Gold at Materializing exhibition, Tokyo

Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts, 8.6 – 23.6.2013 With Michael Hansmeyer. Curated by Yusuke Oono and Taichi Sunayama

Digital Grotesque 1:3 White at Swiss Art Award 2013 exhibition

Messeplatz, Hall 4, Basel, 11.6 – 16.6.2013 Preview and opening on 10.6, 18:00. With Michael Hansmeyer. Swiss Art Award 2013 Buy Benzamycin , Swiss Art Awards exhibition images

Procedural Architecture

Cupola, Procedural Architecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Kurator Keisuke Toyoda (together with Michael Hansmeyer)

16.000 Plans

Jahressaustellung 2011 ETH Architektur Department

Präzision des Zufalls

Präzision 4seohunt.com/www/benjamin-dillenburger.com des Zufalls, Ausstellung über die Kooperation Kaisersrot/ SLIK Architekten im NewtechClub, Zürich, Kurator Dr. Martin Jann

Architektur Biennale Rotterdam

Stadtigel,Kaisersrot, Beitrag zur Internationalen Architektur Biennale Rotterdam, Kurator Prof. Kees Christiaanse, Rotterdam